Real Life Solutions: Lessons from Well-Organized Closets

Real Life Solutions: Lessons from Well-Organized Closets

Brittney Morgan
May 29, 2017
(Image credit: Esteban Cortez)

Have you ever been jealous of someone's closet? I don't mean their clothes or their shoes, but their actual closet space—as someone with a tiny closet full to the brim with luggage and clothes and shoes, looking at house tours and seeing other people's closets look so beautiful and well-organized definitely makes me a little envious, and I know I'm not alone in that.

Good news: you may not be able to fully recreate some of the stunning closets you see on the internet, but you can still learn a thing or two from them that you can implement in your own home. Here are a few real—but totally beautiful—closets to inspire you.

Note: As anyone who's ever lived without one can tell you, not all closets are actual behind-closed-doors closets—they're what you make of the space you've got, so this also includes some non-closet closets, too.

This Paired Down Dressing Nook

This closet doubles as a dressing room—you can easily hold items up or try them on in front of the mirror (it's also a good selfie mirror!), plus the well-placed chair is the perfect spot for putting on shoes. With the inclusion of art, the chair and the mirror—and the fact that this clothing collection is pretty minimal—it looks less like clothing storage and more like a cozy dressing nook.

This Doubled-Up Dream Closet

This closet space is enviably large and full of storage, but even in a small space, there are some takeaways you can try. If your wardrobe is not so paired down like the first closet, doubling up on hanging space can make a huge difference—and you can use the shelf on top to store and display shoes and special items.

This Smart Use of Fabric Bins

This closet space is already so well-organized—the hats on the wall double as decoration, the shoes are all neatly arranged on a rack, and all the hangers match (a great idea if your closet doesn't have doors and your hangers will be on display). But the best part is the matching large white fabric bins on the top shelf—they provide storage for items you'd rather be hidden, but they also blend in well with the white walls.

This One-Stop Dressing Station

This closet space may be completely out in the open in this room, but it looks as nice as it is functional and it takes up minimal space. It has everything you need—shoe storage, hanging space, a laundry cart, shelf space and a perfectly placed dresser that also allows for some hidden storage in the corner, under the hanging items.

This Fun Use of Colorful Cubes

For a closet that is stuffed full of vibrant clothes and accessories, this one works so well. The storage cubes against each wall allow for tons of extra storage for folded items like t-shirts, and they're cleverly placed so that the bottom corner of the closet is still open—perfect for hanging longer items.

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