Apartment #1: Chloe & Eric’s Funky Studio


Name: Eric & Chloe
Location: Upper East Side
Size: 350+ square feet
Type: Studio

The Pitch:

It was a drastic change of scenery from Inwood to the Upper East Side. I was away on an exchange in Rome when my boyfriend relocated apartments. With limited budget (me – student, him – architect) he found imaginative ways to furnish and decorate the studio: old furniture was repainted, travel photographs were framed, partitions and wall hangings were assembled

fauxfireplace.jpg from odds and ends at
Canal Plastics. Other creations involved canvas paintings, collections of mirrors and lamps made from scraps. The coffee table is made from an upside-down garbage can with glass samples (courtesy from work) as a the table top. It’s a funky NY studio! – Chloe