Apartment #2: Brandon’s Chic Shoebox

Copy of 09-Apt3C.jpg

Name: Brandon
Location: Upper West Side
Size: 450sq.ft. / only 370sq.ft. if you subtract the bowling alley of a entry hallway
Type: Studio

The Pitch:

Living in the proverbial “shoe-box” hasn’t been quite as bad as one might imagine. Right after our college graduation in Oklahoma, my roommate and I moved to NYC without jobs or housing, but with a life of luxury in sight. Reality quickly set in and we were faced with fitting what we lugged across the country into our 350 sqft apt.

Copy of 06-EntryHall02.jpg

Luckily, we brought the essential pieces that make our place like “an art gallery, but cozy.” The 40’s vintage metal desk, bookcase, and seating coupled with the modern touches of art, IKEA sale items, and trash day treasures create this young yet “sophisticated” ambiance.