Apartment #12: Leslie’s Brooklyn Butt Kicker

Copy of apartment2.JPG

Name: Leslie B.
Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Size: 400 square feet
Type: 1/2 Bedroom

The Pitch:

My apartment will kick your apartment’s butt! I have lived here for over three years (the past year and a half of them alone). I have spent countless hours (with the help of others) making this apartment into a home. When people enter, they are often struck by the apartment’s unique style and comfortable atmosphere.

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The limited square footage of this apartment has forced me to come up with creative ways to efficiently use the space. Many of the items in my pad are either handmade by me or have been passed down through my family. I have built, designed and/or installed much of what you see in the photos including: the built in bookshelf, the loft bed with maple and plexiglass panels, the coffee table, the barn doors and the painted walls, amongst others. the combination of handmade and antique items demonstrates my eclectic tastes. Leslie