Apartment #3: Stefani’s Penthouse Dream

Copy of terrace.jpg

Name: Stefani Pace
Location: Fifth Avenue/65th St.
Size: 250 Sq. Ft., 100 sq. ft. outdoor space, Penthouse
Type: Studio

The Pitch:

As a little girl, I dreamed of having a penthouse with a balcony on Fifth Avenue. I could settle for no less, and that is exactly what I got—a whopping 250 sq. ft of compact elegance, with a view. I am no less a princess in a tower for the small size; I have just had to be inventive. Neat and never cluttered, I created a bedroom/living room, office and dining room with my limited space.

Copy of kitchen 2.jpg

The bulk of my wardrobe is housed in a shed/closet outdoors on the terrace (try looking for an outfit out there in your underwear in winter!), and over 100 pairs of shoes line my walls in lucite boxes: pieces of wearable art. Fabulous things come in small packages, just take a look.