Apartment #6: Jamey & Erica’s Lofty Creation

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Name: Jamey and Erica
Location: Murray Hill / Gramercy
Size: 384 square feet: living area, includes kitchen (49) = 289; bathroom = 40; and hallway = 55
Type: Studio

The Pitch:

When we first saw this apartment, at an open house, it was an estate sale and had not been renovated in forty years. The walls were black with grime, the kitchen was hospital-uniform green and the bifold closet doors, at least those on the tracks, did not open.

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We thought it had potential and, with the help of contractors and for less than the down-payment, replaced everything in the bathroom except for the toilet, tore out and replaced the closets, raised the hall ceiling, built a loft, replaced the existing light fixtures, installed recessed lighting in the living room and a chandelier in the hallway, redid the floors and painted.