Apartment #9: Anita’s Interlocking Alcoves

Copy of 20anita_bedalcoveB.JPG

Name: Anita
Location: Lower East Side/ Chinatown
Size: 500 SF
Type: 2 Bedroom

The Pitch:

My 2BR apartment maximizes space by efficiently using time. I designed two living rooms that connect to the kitchen, which each have their own bed alcoves. During the day, screens hide the alcoves from view so that visitors can use the adjoining living room without feeling intrusive.

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At night, the occupant closes the living room door to the kitchen and removes the screen to create a spacious room for relaxing/sleeping. My favorite invention is a porthole window (courtesy of eBay), fitted into my bathroom with a PVC main pipe connector to finish the edge. Design/Build Time: 6 months. Budget: $100/SF. Anita