House & Home Roundup: April 29, 2004

First of all, thanks to Marjorie for telling me how to link to Currents slideshows, and secondly what is going on at House & Home this week?

thom.bmpThe lead article, “At Last, The Windows Have No Bars,” is a moving human interest article, which seems a bit out of place, except that is is about home in a very real sense, and the big design article, “Passing the Torchier,” displays all that is wrong and right about interior design right now. What is wrong? It is stuffy and expensive (one room costs 1.6 million). What is right? Thom Felicia is in a bathtub wearing ridiculous socks. Let me explain. Even though I don’t own a television, I find the queer eye approach to Kips Bay tremendously refreshing, and the other designers just plain out of reach (touch?). Rooms and homes should be fun, functional, and inspiring, not museum sets or over iced, over decorated cakes. Thats just my opinion, and I know that I am not the right demographic for Kips Bay.

loso pic.bmpMeanwhile, we have a new anacronym, LoSo, for Lower SoHo. How about J-LoSo next? It is true that a great number of home design stores are migrating out of high rent HiSo and moving towards Canal, including some great ones that have been there awhile and to whom this is not news, such as BDDW and Ingo Maurer. What, perhaps, is more news is what has happened just above. Susan Meisel, a real estate broker, is quoted as saying, “Central SoHo is sad now” (Emrys-Roberts at M at Mercer pictured here).

donna karan items.bmpIn Currents, which you can now see by clicking CURRENTS, we have a dubious cast of characters, starting with a new collection of home accessories at Donna Karan made by women in the Andes, which are interesting, but expensive, a bright orange resin sink from Vallve of Brazil (fun), and two guys, Sills and Huniford,resin sinks.bmp
who are opening a shop called Dwellings on 67th street which will feature lower end versions of the firms “famously expensive” furniture ( I like the style, but there are cheaper ways of getting there….sills hunifor.bmp

Finally! reality TV for industrial designers, who don’t have their own show yet. “The Launch” (on Discovery tonight) features the genesis and completion of the Fuego Grill by Pentagramfuego.bmp(a great company – they did the OXO line, Citibank, and the NY Jets uniform among other things). Not a great picture, but we should see more in the weeks ahead.

Last, but not least, nature. though I am not big on flower print fabrics, I like the patterns by Judy Ross ( and Oscar De La Renta in “Flowers Everywhere…”, and the story on apple trees, “Pastel Clouds, Smelling of Honey,” is a breath of fresh air after all the window shopping you do in this section. Adrian Benepe, Parks Commissioner, is starting a program to restore the city’s vintage crab apple collection comprising thousands of trees.

andy g.bmpTo end, a calming view of an Andy Goldsworthy piece, as he is currently on top of the Metropolitan Museum working on a large installation that will be open May 4th. MGR