Apartment #11: Leland’s Thrifty Village Aerie

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Name: Leland S.
Location: Greenwich Village
Size: 430 square feet
Type: One Bedroom

The Pitch:

My boyfriend and I chose this neighborhood because of its accessibility. Our friends live all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, and we wanted all of them to be able to visit often. Everyone who comes over comments on the spaciousness and airiness of the apartment, with its high ceilings and windows on both sides.

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We’ve been working on the place since we moved in in October. We’re probably the least affluent people on the block, but we’ve made do on a small budget. Some of the furniture is, of course, from Ikea, but most of it comes from the 17th Street thrift stores or the sidewalk.

We love finding old pieces and painting them with the colors we use on the walls. Our favorite invention is the Bodum vacuum coffee maker, which we use every time we have company. Leland