Vincenzo Amato: Sculptor, Actor, Lover of Life

vincenzo.bmpCiao, Bella! Vincenzo is a longtime friend, and I don’t mind giving him a plug because he’s so good at everything he does. But this is really prompted by the fact that I just found out that he has entered the modern age and put together website of his work: Without cellphone, car, computer or brakes on his bicycle, Vincenzo is most comfortable in his studio with the blowtorch. His work? It is elegiac, fun and romantic…drawing with metal. His latest pieces are still inspired by the ancient vessels that ran the sea near his home in Sicily, but he has introduced color by way of shiny, hard automotive paint applied with a compressor. These pieces will be shown in Fall of ’04 at Earl McGrath Gallery, but can be purchased in advance. MGR

Earl McGrath Gallery
20 W. 57th st.
New York, NY 10019
(212) 956-3366