Apartment #28: Robert’s Golden Handcuffs

Copy of KITCHEN_02.jpg

Name: Robert
Location: West Village
Size: 300 sq/ft
Type: One Bedroom

The Pitch:

Ok, well, I call it the golden handcuffs for good reason. An expression most New Yorkers understand: it’s too small, but the rent is low, so you can’t afford to move. I just decided that I needed to improve my quality of life even if it meant improving the quality of my landlord’s property.

Within a certain limited budget, I could amortize the expense within a short time. My goal was to rid myself of all the annoyances of the very high-end luxuries of which my landlord had appointed my apartment.

Copy of BATHROOM_03.jpg Amenities such as zero closet space, one foot of kitchen counter-space, (yet a refrigerator big enough for wild game), and last but not least, I had to resolve the flux of hot and cold water in my shower, that made me feel like an air traffic controller every morning.

“My apartment is so small….” that I couldn’t get an overall photo of the place. The floor plan and series of small tableaus should tell the story.
Now, I am living in an apartment that I love. Robert