Apartment #20: Matt & Sharon’s Sugar Shack

Copy of Bathroom.JPG

Name: Sharon & Matt
Location: Upper West Side
Size: 500 sq ft (others in the building joke about having been told it was 550, but it really really is 500)
Type: One Bedroom

The Pitch:

Matt was in contract to buy this apartment seven years ago when we started dating. I remember asking him what it looked like and he replied:

“I can’t remember.”

As far as he was concerned, an apartment was just a place to dump his stuff, and he liked this one because it actually has a short hallway separating the bedroom from the living area. That was it.

Copy of Fab Kitchen 2.JPG Well, one marriage, one hellish kitchen renovation, four couches and two paint jobs later, we have what I consider to be a still-not-perfect-but-damn-good small, cool apartment. We’ve done all the cosmetic work ourselves (including mixing our own kitchen stain, applying it and three coats of poly, painting, and design). So let’s hear what you think! Sharon