Friday’s Threads

  • Apartment #21: Kim & Alec’s Little Ship “Great chance to visit my son’s apartment without the plane fare and the climb! Pull out the secret day bed, I’ll be there soon. Fred” (dad?)

  • Dyson Vacuum Launch Party: Good comments both for and against

  • Good Questions: Good, Big Window Covering? Some good suggestions and in depth conversation of air pollution getting inside ground level apartments

  • Rate the Emails Thanks for the feedback!

  • Apartment #20: Matt & Sharon’s Sugar Shack “Finally, an apartment I LOVE! I especially love the kitchen cabinets and the kitchen floor.” And, oh, did we mention the cat…?

  • Open Thread “I have a question for the ladies.
    If you walked into a guy’s apartment and he had a bunch of Star Wars toys, what would your reaction be?”
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