Apartment #30: Dante’s First New York Love

Copy of main room 1.jpg

Name: Dante
Location: West Village
Size: 250 sq/ft
Type: Studio

The Pitch:

I moved to this approx 250sf studio from a luxurious flat in San Francisco and brought the majority of my furniture with me. When the movers were done there was almost no room to unpack- just floor to ceiling boxes.

Copy of office desk.jpg Somehow, I got it all in there: the queen-size bed, the dining table that seats 6. There wasn’t much room to move, but it was all in there. While I am on the verge of moving to another apartment (a little bigger!), this one is still my favorite and it will be sad to leave. I am really glad I had a chance to document it. And at least now, when I move, I won’t need to buy a thing!