Finalist #3: Paul’s Pivoting Perfection

All Photos: The Awesome Lane Johnson

Name: Paul
Location: West Village
Size: 250 sq/ft
Type: Studio

Final questions for Paul:

What is your favorite home resource?

Quite simply, my favorite resource for the home (aside from AT) is the NYT Home Section. I look for it every Thursday.

What is your secret?

Champagne taste coupled with a beer bottle pocket. This forces very careful choices. I’ve done a lot of scavenging.

The genuine turquoise naugahyde banker’s chairs came from Grandma’s basement (great resource!). Most plants and other pieces of furniture were gifts. I made the plexiglass console and put sofa together with some antique warehouse pallets (sidewalk treasure) and cushions.

The apartment had already been fitted with shelving and beautiful details. The moving partition and table, the murphy bed, and built-ins make this place a tight “machine”. I have been living here a year, and changes are coming, so this will be an interesting reference snapshot to look back on. Paul