Finalist #5: Robert’s Golden Handcuffs

All Photos: The Awesome Lane Johnson

Name: Robert
Location: West Village
Size: 300 sq/ft
Type: One Bedroom

Final questions for Robert:

What is your favorite home store?

IKEA..I know that may sound like an uninspired answer, but I think IKEA is a excellent start for people, or a great finish if you are missing a few pieces. The design is good` and the quality decent. The most important thing is to mix it up. You need to add some personal, unique items picked up at flea markets etc. to round out the space.

What is your secret?


Simply put, I try to go with the architecture while considering the end user’s needs. By this I mean, consider the existing lines and architectural direction of the space before you attempt to put another layer on top.

My place is quite simple and clean in part because of it’s diminutive size and also because that is my preference. I like to use industrial materials in more refined ways. Materials such as plywood, stainless steel and concrete are generally not considered to be elegant finishes. They do, however, convey an unexpected warmth and style when mixed with other more traditional materials

I guess this would be my “secret” or general philosophy in approaching interior design. Robert