Judges’ Praise for Patrick’s Cosmo-Urban

This is just fabulous, no questions asked. Maybe too fabulous? But also double a+ kudos for the biggest turnaround out of any of the entries.

Jen Bekman – Gallery owner and editor of Unbeige.com

great transformation, even if it is a little modern cliche.

Josh Rubin – Founder of CoolHunting.com

Ready for Metropolitan Home. Impeccable, stylish, ready to photograph. Just a little too cool.

Harry Wakefield – Editor of MoCoLoco.com

Because it is ready for its Elle Decor close-up (only its relatively large size, 485 square feet, has kept it out of 1,2 or 3rd place for this judge) and because its before and after shots suggest that two completely different people are inhabiting Patrick’s body (and that’s fascinating).

Good god, all this in a rental?? I’m blown away by Patrick’s ability to make a rented space home- his attention to really creating a pulled together, cohesive apartment is spectacular. I love his use of fabrics, texture and color to add character and warmth.

Grace Bonney – Founder of Design*Sponge