Yesterday’s Threads

  • May is Spring Cleaning Month: “Have begun the final push. Having the other spaces neat and clen makes me less motivated. yikes!”

    Spring Cleaning Tally:
    Finished 12%
    In the midst 48%
    Not started 40%

  • Scavenger: 19th Century Chaise for $400: “That’s a *fainting couch*, not a chaise longue…..” and other *catty* remarks

  • Good Questions: Who Will Buy Men’s Clothing?:
    “Thanks for all the advice so far!
    I didn’t know you could write so much off!
    BTW, my sizes are 36″ waist and tops are mostly XL”

  • FOOD: Recipe #1 – Simple Roast Chicken:
    “Beer Butt chicken…..that’s an *empty* beer can, wherein you insert the can and stand the chicken up on the grill.”

  • Reverse Your Fans!
    “Anyone have any strong opinons on ceiling fan manufacturers?” and some good answers

  • Open Thread 26:
    ADD strikes the open threads!!
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