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  • The Flap Clock Patrick (the other one), how did I just know you would post that? I first wrote “flap clock tease” but got snickering so much I nearly had cafe americano coming out my nose. I simmered down and censored myself. ;^ ) Libby

  • Chelsea Garden Center
    …and sky-high prices. Seriously, I believe in paying a little extra for a non-corporate, great bricks-and-mortar store. But this place is over the top. Blake

  • Tiniest Apartment Caught in Bidding War
    Hmmm — I think I sense a bubble on the verge of bursting . . . Frank

  • July is Flowerbox Month!
    I have boxes on railings and floors of 2 outdoor balconies in beautiful Park Slope (she said smugly). Susan

    That makes at least something in Park Slope that isn’t boring and dowdy. Letitia

    Them’s fighting words . . .
    but really, I just don’t understand why you’d say that about Park Slope, Letitia. Susan

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