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  • My Favorite Flower Box! #1: Dave and Jenny’s MacPlanter I wish all the crap left out on MY street would sport some fleurs. Like them trailing petunias ye got there..or is it weeping petunias? Guido

  • Slinks
    Please people, respect the midwest a bit – I know it’s hard for New Yorkers who think they are so cool, but try. Becky

  • House of L & G: Baby Proofers Plus
    I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant with my first and we will be doing some baby proofing ourselves. However, I think people have gone a bit nuts with over baby proofing.Reef

  • Good Questions: Painting a Steel Refrigerator?
    Rather than painting, look for an auto shop that advertises powder coating. They often do this with custom-rims for cars and motorcycles.TeoNYC

  • Green Clean: The Environmentally Sound Guide to Cleaning Your Home
    OK, I’m all for the environment, but these cleaning products work about as well as using a crystal for deoderant.Becky

    Those crystals don’t work?Joan

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