LA Home Round-up

  • A Modern dream come true buying one of Pierre Koenig’s case study houses insures a call from the architect asking you not to change anything. And why would you?

    times 8:5.jpg
  • Built around a family’s faith In Hancock Park, an Orthodox Jewish family wires their home to help them observe the Sabbath.

  • Switching to Sabbath mode A feature called “Sabbath mode” is increasingly being embedded in ovens, stoves and refrigerators to disable the automatic displays that get in the way of the Sabbath prohibition on using electricity.

    8:5 times chair.jpg
  • Pull open a chair Once considered the ugly duckling for latecomers and unexpected guests, the folding chair is starting to get some style.

  • Playing with fire Fusing a disconnected community of artists, there will be an evening of glass blowing demonstrations on Saturday in Santa Ana.

  • Our kind of summer reading Forget beach books. Sit down with a stack of seed catalogs and dream of your harvest this fall and winter.

  • Man of the house A visit to the high-rent district of Dodger stadium… a guy could get used to this.

  • Sometimes you can go home again We all may want to run, but LA pulls many of us right back.