Book Review: A Garden Gallery

2005_8_a garden gallery.jpgWe were so excited when we had heard that our pals David Lewis and George Little had written a book about their renowned Puget Sound garden on Bainbridge Island, in Washington State, called A Garden Gallery.

For years, we had marveled at their beautiful plaster and concrete art and had heard tales of the magical garden created by the two artists. Unfortunately, traveling to see it all first hand has not yet been a reality, so we are grateful for the book.

Inside, the two share their personal wisdom for what informs and inspires their wild fantasia of plants, hardscape, and art. The pictures are stunning, the entries are like poems and through it all there is practical advice on how to make a slow-drip natural fountain, on building an inexpensive Tuscan-style wall and other ways to encourage your imagination and take risks.

Little and Lewis think of themselves as sculptors who love gardening. This is a new way to look at the garden, and yet there is something so perfect in it’s nature that one feels it could be what Eden might have looked like had Adam and Eve gotten a little creative. AH