aug 10 birdhouse.jpg

  • The Museum Birdhouse: Inspired by Gehry’s Opera house and Guggenheim Museum.

    aug 10 vacuum .jpg

  • Vacuum Cleaner, by Dutch designer Jurgen Bey: Waste not want not…The vacuum fills furniture with household dust.

    reframe aug 10.jpg

  • ReFRAME Poster Frame by 54 Dean: Cool way to hang the kid’s revolving art projects.


  • Milk Crate Club Lounge by Stefan Lie: Made with twenty milk crates and twist ties… Guess you don’t have to throw away those crate-bookshelves from college after all.

    aug10 slidechair.jpg

  • The Slice Rocker by Jeanice Skviral: Drawing inspiration from cantaloupe curves. Delish!
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