LA Times Round-up

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  • Meet the mini-Midernists – Here is something we’ve seen for a while- Kid furniture is cooler than ever with super-stylish designs often being scaled down.

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  • Recasting the actor’s studio – Designer Stephen Saint-Onge transforms a cottage at the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s retirement community to recreate a look of the past.

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  • Top-tier technique – Espalier, the art of training trees (apples, figs, etc) to grow flat against a wall, fence or lattice is easier than it sounds. And the benefits are great…who knew that the warmth of a brick wall can help apples grow?

  • In step with style– A new elegant retail showroom called Dana John on Martel Ave, and it sounds like it’s right in step with all things over the top and fab.

    ALSO, The Bullet planter, a staple of California living rooms in the Eisenhower era, has been re-imagined by Kiln Enamel, and can be had at Show on Vermont.

    ALSO, Krylon has introduced a low-odor spray paint that can be used indoors and out and that washes off hands and other surfaces. Oh, and no sanding needed.

  • Fall’s near, but far – Autumn may be the best season to plant, but for gardeners, the season really doesn’t arrive until at least mid-October.

  • Man of the House:Dreaming of the Midas touch – Chris Erskine ponders his mid life career change into the world of massage.

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  • Where inspiration flows freely – Water features abound at Sunset magazine’s Orange County Idea House, which is open to the public.

  • Raise your paddle with confidence – People are starting to turn to the auction house as a way to get some good deals. Here are some good lessons on how to start.