Glide, Inc.

Furniture that Q would design….
glide.bmpMet Dave Liatti at the ICFF in front of a highly secure filing cabinet that used fingerprint recognition for locking and unlocking. But that wasn’t the best part. The best part was that the filing cabinet was good looking — colorful with rounded corners — the sort of thing you might even want in your home. Nevermind the complex fingerprint technology (guaranteed to provide access to most lawyers in Seattle,) the Apartment Therapist just thought the blinking LED lights were “pretty.” Dave explained that his
Brooklyn-based company, Glide, Inc., is all about integrating high technology with good furniture design. They’ve got furniture geeks and semiconductor geeks working in the same space. The picture is of their “Twist Together” lamp which Dwell said “could be the Legos of the lighting world.”
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