knife holder aug 30.jpg

  • SCHASCHLIK knike holder by Martin Robitsch ($110): We HATE our stupid knife holder. We want this one!


  • Paola Lenti’s New Light Collection by Francesco Rota: These beauties can go inside or out due to a new high-tech yarn developed by the company called Rope.

    mite matress.jpg

  • Pure Wool Mattress Covers by Indika (Queen-$270): These come from France and are treated with a special dust-mite repellent with a 99.7%-99.96% mite removal rate.

     sheets aug.jpg

  • “Ne Pas Dormir Seul(e)” bed linens from Hervé Mat& Jewsky: Sexy sheets from France (translated:not sleeping alone) We’re getting some and calling them Pierre.
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