Fleet Week

Large 1BR with view to share with 42 roomates. Some noise, lot’s of malaria…..

Nothing says “
On the Town” like a bunch of sailors walking around Times Square. That uniform is priceless. Apartmenttherapy.com talked with a few of the boys from the
USS Iwo Jima the other night and got the inside scoop on living conditions on the typical war ship. It was enough to make us want to launch www.aircraftcarriertherapy.com. The main thing is the noise and the lack of privacy. The boats are co-ed, though the young men still outnumber the young women by a large margin. Yes, “fraternizing” does happen, umm, in the broom closets and in any other nooks and crannies. It’s not like it could happen in the bedrooms. On the
USS Truman, a 97,000 ton carrier commissioned in 1998, there are 42 women to a sleeping compartment, and the bunks are stacked three high. Each woman gets “small, storage areas for clothes and personal possessions,” one of which is under her mattress. We’re a long way from the
ICFF, baby. So, though you may be living in an overpriced, 300 square foot apartment in Manhattan next to a nightclub, be happy you are not sharing it with 41 others. And large fighter jets are not taking off in the middle of the night from your roof.