Searching for Halcyon

It was winter, and I fell for a couch…. I was at
Halcyon, the deejay-cafe-furniture store on Smith street. Maybe I had a few beers, and maybe the guy spinning old school house was particularly good. But I wanted that low, down-filled couch that the tattooed couple were making out on. It was so hip, so Brooklyn, so me. Naturally, when the couch quest began last week, Halcyon was my first destination. But it wasn’t quite to be. First, I got my Brooklyn geography confused and landed in Williamsburg. Hence
the Williamsburg roundup. Then I went to the correct address on Smith street in Carroll Gardens with the Apartment Therapist, only to discover that Halcyon had moved to DUMBO. Friendly people stopped on the street noted that I had just missed the big moving sale. “Isn’t their stuff amazing,” they said. Yes, I thought, and I was back on my bicycle the next day weaving through Sabbath Hacidim in their silk, cylindrical hats as I made for the Manhattan bridge. What did I find? I found the more than affable Steven Schwartz listenting to house music in his not-yet-opened record store. Not a stick of furniture in sight. He and cousin Sean, said Schwartz, had decided to put the furniture business on hold for the foreseeable future. Needed more room for the records. Who can blame them? Every business needs to focus. And so, my Halcyon couch slipped further into the obscurity beyond my Jennifer Convertible reach. But I did get to visit the other stores in DUMBO….