Real Estate: Living On the Water

boat basin.bmpEver wondered how to live on a boat in New York? We have… and it’s possible. We have a friend who lives at the 79th Street Boat Basin, we recently wrote about a couple who moved from Brooklyn to a boat in Hoboken, and we have been continually drawn to The Frying Pan, a dance spot + home for the owner and his family by Chelsea Piers. Sunken Living Rooms, by Simon van Booey (NYPost) is a great article if you want to get more of the lowdown on how, where and how much does it take to make this kind of move. Interviewing Ed Bacon, who has lived on the river for 34 years, we learn the ropes:

His advice to anyone that wants to live on the water is to start the process as soon as possible. “Most people are in lockstep from cradle to grave,” he says. “If you’re thinking about doing it, tell all your friends and you’ll be too ashamed not to do it.”

There’s no property tax, he says, though with boat insurance, boat maintenance and the year-round docking fee, he believes that the expense “is comparable to an Upper East Side studio.”

We are always interested in the many different ways apartment living is interpreted in New York, and want to provide resources for all the different options. If you have more info on boat living, please comment below. MGR