1, 2, 3 Hanging Beds Ah Ah Ah

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Once in awhile, along comes a room that stops us dead in our tracks. Your brain short circuits and all you can think about is what it must be like to exist in that space. Words don’t seem to do it justice and your children remind you that you’re staring (and possibly drooling) and then you snap back into the real world — this is one of those rooms. Did we mention it was inspired by this hanging daybed we previously featured?

Do you remember the Hanging Daybed that can be made for super cheap? It’s another one of Ana White’s projects that we’ve featured here at Ohdeedoh and it was the starting point for this room pictured above.

When you have 3 boys, space can be at a premium, but this new room maximizes every inch. The three hanging beds make great use of the floor plan (or should we say wall plan?) and the cool color on the wall keeps things grounded.

It’s hard not to picture yourself playing in this space, because straight up, it looks like an awesome place to be a kid. Check out more on the space over at The Bumper Crop.