1 Old Sweater + 1 Old Towel = A New Bolster Pillow

1 Old Sweater + 1 Old Towel = A New Bolster Pillow

Jason Loper
Feb 28, 2011

I loved this white sweater…until the day it met an untimely death by spilled black coffee. The sweater may not be wearable but it still has some life in it. What better way to memorialize a beloved sweater than by turning it into a home accessory?

This was a quick little Sunday afternoon project using a couple of items that would have otherwise gone into the dumpster. The old bath towel was leftover from when I replaced all my towels this year and the sweater with the coffee stained sleeve was no longer wearable. So why not put the two together?

To make the bolster, I started creating a roll out of the towel. I laid the towel flat on a table, folded it in half lengthwise, and then tightly rolled it up. Once I had the towel rolled, I measured how much of the sweater material I would need. First, I cut the sweater up the sides, then I placed the rolled up towel on one half of the sweater and wrapped it around the towel. I was able to get a sense of how much of the sweater I would need and so I cut off the excess.

After the sweater fabric was cut to size, I wrapped it around the towel and pinned it along the seam. I removed the towel, stitched along the seam, and then turned it right side out. This basically gave me a tube into which I could slide the towel. With the towel inside the tube, I secured the sides by hand sewing them closed. If I had been using a fabric that wouldn't unravel, I could have forgone the stitching on the sides and instead tied it off with a decorative ribbon.

And that's all it took to complete this super simple project using discarded items!

Images: Jason Loper

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