#5 - Marc's Architecture Student Digs

#5 - Marc's Architecture Student Digs

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 7, 2006

Name: Marc C.
Location: Chicago, Ill
Size: 270 sq ft. Studio

Favorite resource:

Found objects, Ikea, more found objects

Design Tip:

When working with small spaces, consider using a furniture element to split up the room and create spacial layering. By breaking up the space, it will begin to feel larger. Also, keeping clean lines in a space this small will minimize clutter therefore maximizing the spacious feeling.

What inspired you?

The prospect of fitting everything a college student needs into 270 sq ft and accommodating up to 4 guests. Going to school for architecture in a big city means 2 things when it comes to apartments, specific taste and a low budget. Also being that I am from out of state, accommodating guests would be an inevitable must.

I chose this apartment because it is located in the gorgeous gold coast and was recently converted from a hotel, so all the appliances were new and the wood floors were pristine.... [more below]

...Being steps away from the beach and the magnificent mile definitely fits my taste, yet comes at a price. At 270 sq ft, the tiny floor plan fits my budget yet provides a challenge. How do I create room to sleep, eat, study, relax, and entertain guests in such a small area? I began by splitting the studio into 2 spaces with the use of a lofted full bed.

This creates a cozy enclosed space under the loft and a very open living space in front. Enclosing the portion of the room closest to the door makes the living space seem much larger because the ceilings appear to be taller. Next, the under loft area was outfitted with a desk and a side cabinet to serve as a daily study. Notes can be posted on the metal loft framing with the use of magnets.

The desk is placed so that one can watch TV while working or swivel the monitor around and work from the couch. When not in use, the loft ladder is stored in the closet to clear a walking path. When guests visit, a small triangle table which serves as an entrance table is folded out into a square table and stackable chairs are used to create a dinning room for 4. The side cabinet now becomes a centerpiece like a credenza.

When the guests are ready for bed, the table and chairs are returned to their positions and the murphy bed is folded down to provide for a guest bedroom. The side cabinet now serves as a nightstand. Using the side cabinet for multiple activities saves money and space. The kitchen is aligned along one wall and serves double duty as a hallway.

A couch, flokati rug, and a TV table define the living area. A small end table comes in very handy serving as a place to eat and do homework while relaxing on the couch. When those out of town relatives visit, a matching chair can be pulled from the closet to further define the space and serve as extra seating. This Eames chair was found in a dumpster and restored which means style for free.

The room feels much larger than it really is because when you walk in you can see 4 separate spaces; the office, the living area, the kitchen and the closet. This 270 sq ft apartment can not only take on the daily tasks of a busy architecture student, but can also accommodate his weekend visitors without rolling out the sleeping bags and clearing the floors. All of this furnished for under $1500.

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