10 Air Filters That are Easy on the Eyes and Nose

10 Air Filters That are Easy on the Eyes and Nose

Joelle Alcaidinho
Apr 16, 2010

With allergy season in full swing in our neck of the woods all we can think of are ways to find relief. Waking up sneezing and coughing with swollen eyes are not our idea of fun and we are thinking it's probably time to upgrade the filter in our bedroom. With our apartment set up the way it is, it's important to have a filter that will not only work well, but will also look great.

We combed our archives and the web to bring you our ten favorite snazzy looking air filters. These are filters that offer relief from the dreaded pollen that infiltrates our homes and manage to look quite good while doing it.

  • PlusMinusZero Air Cleaner by Naoto Fukasawa has a slim elegant shape that we love. This quiet and unobtrusive air cleaner is made of ABS plastic casing with perforated steel grille, and is available in black, white or grey. $393
  • LightAir IonFlow 50 is silent, creates no ozone and requires weekly cleaning, as it collects dust and particulate matter that quickly. While these don't seem to clean the air quite as thoroughly as the fan driven HEPA models, they DO work, require no filter purchases and tests show that the LightAir "effectively eliminates practically all airborne particles (size 0.3-1.0 μm) in only 5 hours." $350-450
  • Henry Air Purifier by Swizz Style is a slim, unobtrusive and modern air purifier that can serve as a decoration piece while delivering six-stage purification in almost complete silence, and ozone-free. Measuring over 50" in height, Henry is available in black or white metallic colors and offers 6 stages of air purification. $290
  • Conway Daan Air Purifiers mimics a floor lamp design (yes, it lights up), making this air purifier very decor friendly. They're rated to filter indoor air at up to a 161 sq. ft. radius, making this a small room solution, but one with lots of flexibility. These purifiers are not yet in production.
  • Alen Paralda HEPA Air Purifier offers top of the line filtration of airborne particles such as allergens, bacteria and viruses. It's equipped with an ozone safe ionizer, long lasting UV light and a true HEPA filter capable of removing 99.42% of dust, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores and pollen in rooms up to 400 ft². $500
  • Clatronic LR 3193 offers 4-stage filtration and effectively removes dust, odors and allergy causing particles. $68
  • Rabbit Air BioGS is designed to remove a wide variety of allergens and contaminants from the air, including dust, pollens, dander, odors, and chemical vapors, apparently more efficiently than traditional HEPA purifiers. The Rabbit Air covers up to 600 square feet, and should run silently at low speed, a nice feature if you, like us, plan to run it in your bedroom. $330
  • Viktor Air Purifier uses an HPP Filter System with patent application pending. This purifier has five settings for quiet to full blast air flow, with an night mode for night operation and even a fragrance dispenser if you so choose to re-pollute your air with scent. $150
  • Electrolux Oxygen Ultra has a three-stage filtration system which include a sensor that automatically detects odors. It will also neutralize viruses, bacteria, chemical vapors, and unwanted gases. $270
  • Sharp KC-C150U using its patented Plasmacluster technology can trap dust, pollen, mold spores and pet dander, decrease odors, and freshen and humidify the air. This air purifier has a triple filtration system that includes a permanent washable pre-filter that traps dust and other large airborne particles, a washable active carbon filter that absorbs common household odors, and a True HEPA filter with antimicrobial coating that traps 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns that pass through the filter, including pollen, smoke, dust, dust mites, dander and mold spores. $500

What is your favorite air filter?

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