10 (Almost) Free Ways To Spruce Up the Bathroom

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sure you can go through a whole renovation of your bathroom to improve it, you could also buy new towels, paint a fresh coat of paint or invest in some small space storage. But all those things cost money, so why not try a couple tips that are practically free.

Clean it: From top to bottom using vinegar, a sponge and some elbow grease. The counters, the floors, the bathtub…behind the toilet, the toilet itself. Get every inch of that bathroom clean and see if you don’t feel better every time you step inside. Try some of these common cleaning solutions.
Clear the Clutter: Here are 5 things that might be cluttering up your bathroom, can you find more. Have at least one surface empty to give your eyes a rest.
Add a plant or flower: If your bathroom has a window or skylight, add a potted plant to the counter. Don’t go out and buy one, just rearrange some houseplants and pick one that can deal with low light. Or pick a flower outside and put it on the sink. Even a single bloom can brighten the feeling in the saddest of bathrooms!
Wrangle the little things: If you can’t eliminate clutter on the counters then grab some bowls form the kitchen and group jewelry, rubber bands, q tips, etc. into their own bowl. Here are 7 tips for organizing the bathroom.
Move the Litter Box: We keep our litter box in the bathroom since there’s plenty of space, but in our old place that normally meant stepping on a spray of crunchy gravel each time we got in or out of the shower. Is there somewhere else you can keep the litter box to give your feet a rest?
Throw open the windows: It’s starting to be spring, so throw open those windows, get some fresh air and feel the changing of the seasons!
Add an air freshener: We have a lot of ideas for cheap and almost free air fresheners using stuff you’ve got around the house.
Fix Something: Does the faucet drip, the toilet run? Door not lock? take the time to fix one of those nagging problems. Chances are you don’t need to spend a ton, and might have what you need already in the toolbox.
Pretend Company is Coming over: Treat your bathroom the way you would if your friends were going to see it. Prep for company even though you’ll be the only one enjoying it!
Make a bath soak: Now that your bathroom is clean and fresh, make yourself a soothing bath soak and take some time to relax! Do you have a candle that sits in the bathroom that you never actually light? This is the time.

(Image: Jessica Watson for Emily and Meeko’s Sunny First Apartment)