10 Bedside Tables That Aren’t: Repurposed Bedside Storage

Is there anything more satisfying than finding a new use for an old item? At present I can’t think of one because I am too smitten with these “think outside the box” repurposed bedside storage ideas.

I think the best thing about moving away from traditional ‘tables’ is that you can create your bedside storage around your personal style and your use. Plus, if you find yourself in need of a ladder or a stool… you only have to rearrange a bit!


1. Metal drums. These bedside drums by Paul Massey look right at home in this minimalist room.
2. Stools. Perfect for low set beds that get lost beside bulky beside units.
3. Ottomans/Cushions. If you want to create a really soft, sleeping on a cloud feel, why not extend it to your bedside!
4. Boxes/Trays. Ideal beside storage for magazine lovers.
5. Card Drawers/Filing Cabinets. Katie Marx used a small filing drawer to create extra space and storage.


6. Sleepers/Beams. Rob Brinson and Jill Sharp Brinson created a simple and effective bedside piece for their space.
7. Crates. This crate side table can be used throughout the house
8. Books. A stack of books! build it as low or as high as you need.
9. Chairs. Lisa Madigan used an old chair as a unique bedside piece.
10. Ladders. Wooden ladders are so handy!

(Images: see links above)