Babble’s “10 Best IKEA Products for Kids”

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We can never stop singing the praises of IKEA for kid stuff. It’s simple, well-designed, and affordable. So, we were curious what Babble chose as their top ten.

Babble chose:

1. Antilop High Chair
2. Leka Baby Gym
3. Expedit Shelf
4. Ekorre Walker
5. Lack Side Table
6. Rens Sheepskin
7. Kladd Bibs
8. Forskitig Stool
9. Smila Mane Lamp
10. Gulliver Crib

Check out their full post to see why they chose each of these items. Our top picks from their list have to be the Antilop highchair and Gulliver Crib– both of which we’ve used with great success. They’re affordable, have smaller footprints than most high chairs and cribs, and the high chair couldn’t be any easier to clean off.

We’d also have to add a few more favorites:

1. The Krama Washcloths: We’ve used these in the kitchen for cleaning up a messy baby.

2. The Leka Playmat: Affordable and lots of interesting things on it to stimulate baby while still being rather innocuous for a playmat.

3. The Kalas plates, bowls, and cups: They’re dishwasher and microwave safe which is nice and sometimes hard to find.

4. Trofast Storage: Versatile and easy for children to take out and put away their own toys.

What’s on your list of tried and true IKEA products for the little ones?

(Image: Babble)