The 10 Best Technologies We Saw at Macworld 2012

The 10 Best Technologies We Saw at Macworld 2012

Another Macworld has come and gone, and while we recover from memorably pleasant Bay Area weather, we've taken the time to roundup the 10 technologies we most liked from this year's show. Although the focus on this year's expo was on iOS, surprisingly our picks are not all apps...

Sure there are lots of apps to help you find places to eat on your phone, but how many of them draw on lots of reviews and have the menus from the dining establishments? As a vegetarian that dines with an omnivore I can tell you that being able to see the menus at a glance will come in handy when trying to find a place for dinner. Free

Kanex Sydnee:
Any household with multiple iOS devices knows that charging, especially in places with limited table space like a nightstand, is kind of a battle. Sydnee wants to fix that with its slim footprint, clean design, and space to charge 4 iOS devices. You can bet your bottom dollar that we're going to try and review this puppy as soon as it becomes available later this year. $149.99

Mimomicro & Einstein:
We're big fans of the adorable design of the USB drives from Mimoco so it's no surprise that we love their newest product the Mimomicro. The Mimomicro is a USB microSD card reader and drive perfect for those transferring media from your computer to devices that take those teeny tiny cards. Joining the ranks of the fabulous Batman and Star Wars drives, the announced at Macworld Einstein drive is a fun homage to one of the most prolific thinkers of our time. 8GB Einstein $34.95

HP TopShot:
While we don't know exactly where we would 1. fit this all-in-one in our apartment and 2. how often we would need items scanned in 3-D, we do think it's rather cool. This all-in-one not only scans, it scans in 3-D which we suppose works well when you wish to scan smallish items you want to sell on eBay and Etsy instead of taking a photo of them. $399.99

Studio Neat Cosmonaut:
Space reference? We're so there. This stylus from the folks that brought us the spiffy and useful Glif, has a nice feel to it and weight. Unlike other input devices we've seen for tablets, the Cosmonaut does not try to be the thinnest and lightest. Akin to how the iPhone 4 was lauded by several as "too heavy" but we thought it was perfect, the heft of the stylus is balanced and really does feel just right. The Cosmonaut mimics a marker as opposed to a pencil and judging from the tiny hands gleefully using them at Macworld, it's perfect for kids. $25

Realmac RapidWeaver 5:
Remember that piece we did on WYSIWYG website creation? Well, here is another tool to add to that roundup. This app for the Mac is created for those who want a nice looking website but don't have the programming know how to build one. The demo we saw showcased an app that was easy to use yet fairly powerful and nicely designed and we could hardly wait to get our hands on it ourselves and try our hands at creating a site. $79.99

We like the premise behind My-Ditto, one device to store, backup, and stream our content both to our computer and portable devices, all being backed by the power of the cloud. Of course with our internet being as pathetic as it as at home, looking at you, TWCNYC, we're not quite sure just how much we can trust to the cloud, but the idea behind My-Ditto is intriguing and it would be nice to see it in action. Most of our media content lives on external hard drives and a few computers so it would be quite the godsend if all of the content (without having to use several apps and devices) could play seamlessly on any device we own, even when we're out of our home network. My-Dito will be available later in the year.

This is the stylus for people who want to paint on their tablet. The Nomadbrush mimics a brush and has a nice feel to it. We tried the Compose at the expo and enjoyed using it although we're not terribly good at painting either on or off the iPad. $39

How many people have only one Gmail address? We have several, and while we're not quite at hoarding level for Gmail addresses having more than one that we check frequently is not the easiest thing to manage on the computer. Sure you could use multiple browsers, one for each Gmail account, or you could use a Mail app like Mailplane. Mailplane delivers the closest look and feel to using Gmail straight up, yet it has the features you expect from Mail on the Mac and the business savvy of Outlook. If you're a Gmail user and not quite content with how you're using it now, give Mailplane a try. $24.95

Doxie Go:
A scanner that scans directly to your iPhone and iPad. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Well it exists in the form of the Doxie Go. One of the most impressive products we saw at the entire expo the Doxie Go is tiny and seems to be the perfect scanner for people who don't scan things all that often and live in a small home. $199

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