8 Big Budget Finds For Small Spaces

When you live in a small space and your money isn’t going towards filling up something larger, you have a greater chance to splurge once in awhile. As much as we love turning an old thrift store find into something new and personal, we still have a soft spot for great design, even if it comes with a higher price tag.

Although we understand the phrase “big budget” really depends on the wallet in question, we’re looking at items that would require most households to save for more than a month to purchase. Here’s a few of our favorite finds, we left the door open for you to add your own at the end!

1. Kensington Leather Sofa: for $5,795 from Restoration Hardware. This sofa might be on the larger side, but we’d love to have it as a show piece, even if everything else in our space is pint-sized.

2. Case Study Alpine Bed: for $2,895 from DWR. Beds are beds and there’s no making them smaller unless you’re willing to sleep a little less comfortably. We love the lines of this rest nest and it makes an impact without taking up much space.

3. 18th Century Six-Light Chandelier: for $2,159 from Suffolk Designer Lighting. Every room needs 3 sources of light and we think this is a fun piece for overhead. It has personality and a bit of history!

4. Marrakesh Rug: for $1,995 from Jonathan Adler. To anchor the sofa we chose those bright and bold rug that makes a dramatic impact with it’s pattern and texture.

5. Bean Desk: for $Email for price from DDC. Although we don’t know how much this desk is, we usually abide by the rule that if we have to ask for a price… it’s probably not too pocketbook friendly!

6. George Round Side Table: for $Email for price from Oly. Other tables of this size and design style run between $1,500-$2,000 so that’s our ballpark guess for this piece. It has great legs and can work with a variety of styles when you decide to change things up.

7. Folk Portrait of a Bull: for $4,800 from 1stDibs. It’s a signed piece and come on… it’s a bull. I think we’ll call him Samuel.

8. Ventura Round Extension Dining Table: for $2,299 from Room & Board. This table expands even further and if it doubles as the main workspace in the home, it’s not a bad size. Use it as an office, kitchen prep space or just a place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Do you have something on your “someday when I’m rich list” that didn’t make ours? Make sure to leave us a link in the comments below!

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