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Knock It Out: 10 Big Impact Tasks That Only Take 10 Minutes

updated Jul 18, 2020
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Ten minutes: you’ve waited for elevators longer than that! Everyone can carve out a little extra time here and there to make a major change in their home. Try these ten today.

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1. Change the sheets

What’s better than sliding into a fresh, clean bed? Nothing! It’s such an easy task that feels like a major treat so why not take ten minutes to have a happy night.

2. Empty your inbox

If you feel a twinge of stress every time you see the bolded, unread emails in your overstuffed inbox, take the time to group delete your piled up copies of daily newsletters, statements you don’t need or junk mail that slipped through the cracks.

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3. Wipe down your windows

You know what helps brighten up dark days? Clean glass! Make sure that the little sunshine you are getting in the morning can get through to you! Give those windows a once-over.

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4. Hang (or fix) your art

You know those framed photos you have leaning against the wall that you’ve been meaning to put up since Christmas? Go. Do it now. We’ll wait. Has a crooked frame been bothering you? Go hunt down your level and make it right.

5. Sanitize your shower curtain liner

If you cringe at the mildew while you’re in the shower, but then immediately forget about it once you’ve dried off, this is your reminder. Go take it down, throw it in the wash and feel fresher during your next (several) showers.

(Image credit: Liana Hayles Newton)

6. Make an emergency kit

Do you have one? It’s easier than you think. I’ll bet you even have all the things you need right there at home. Have an extra tote bag? Done. What about some bottles of water and a few granola bars? Put ’em in there. A candle and some matches or a flashlight will let you see if the power goes out. Now go to your wallet and get some cash (sorry). There you go. It won’t get you through the apocalypse but it’s better than what you had before.

7. Design a vignette

You know you have a surface that could use some pizazz, so gather some extra accessories, books and art and put together a cute grouping.

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8. Clean your screens

A smudgy computer screen does not a productive work day make. It’s so easy, and you can stop squinting at your spreadsheets, photos and emails. While you have the microfiber out, give your phone a quick wipe as well.

(Image credit: Tamara Gavin)

9. Buy flowers

Even a cheap bodega bouquet goes SO far towards making your space feel fresher and more cheerful. You deserve a little treat.

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10. Harness your pet hair problem

No one likes messing up every outfit by accidentally sitting on furry furniture so take ten minutes and give your sofa a once-over with a roller or (hint hint) a rubber glove. It’s not a steam clean, but it will give you a fresher, cleaner sitting surface for a little while at least!

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