10 Budget Art Projects: Framable, Upcycled And Affordable

10 Budget Art Projects: Framable, Upcycled And Affordable

Sarah Starkey
Apr 18, 2011

There's so much to love about art work in a home. It adds colour, directs focus and brings character to a space. But what I love most is how inspiring it is to be surrounded by things that we genuinely enjoy looking at. These projects can all grace your gallery walls without costing your limbs.


1. Magazines. You can find vintage magazines at op. shops and yard sales or you can frame the magazines you've bought for yourself! Just because it's contemporary doesn't make it any less appealing. For extra green points look for magazines that are printed on recycled paper.

2. Printed Quotes. If there's a quote that never fails to make you smile, or puts a little spring in your step, print it! Beautiful words are worth framing.

3. Maps. Maps are inspiring on so many different levels, and while they've gone up in price at markets lately you can still find bargains. Even old street maps from your town look great framed, and help put things in perspective.

4. Greeting Cards. Greeting cards are an easy way to get a hold of some amazing designs. You can use cards that you've been given, cards that you find or you can pick up new designs printed on recycled paper.

5. Wrapping Paper. Another green and budget option for great designs. You can use sheets wrapping paper you've saved or pick up some new designs on recycled paper.


6. Home Made Art. It's so easy to create a beautiful and intimate gallery including your work, work from your children and family that you'll never get tired of.

7. Post Cards. Post cards are fantastic for framing because they are usually the same size as a standard photo. You can use post cards from friends, places you've been, places you want to go or promotional post cards that you enjoy.

8. Book Pages. You can find vintage kids books with gorgeous illustrations in thrift stores and at markets, or you can use a book that means something to you. Words or illustration, or both! As long as you enjoy looking at it.

9. Posters.
I've found quite a few movie stills for less than $3 in antiques stores but if you can't any that appeal, most cinemas will sell the posters that have been used for promotions once the film has finished it's run.

10. Cereal Boxes. I may be alone in my infatuation with cereal boxes but i've loved them since I was small. The colours and artworks are so eye catching and commercial artwork is no more or less appealing to me than fine art and it's so much more accessible! If you enjoy it enough to frame it, then it will work on your walls.

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