10 Colorful Projects For Less Than $10

There’s no two ways about it, kids love to create. Here are 10 projects that are packed with color with will keep your out-of-pocket costs low and the fun factor high!

First Row, Left To Right
1. DIY: Colorful Mosaic Wall: This bright and bold look can be done with small amounts of left over paint or even paint chips if you want to make the project totally free. Try asking around with friends to borrow a few “squares” worth of paint.

2. Easy Peasy DIY Alphabet Canvases: These canvases are a great way to add a little punch to any space. Spell out your children’s name or just make a random assortment of letters! To make things less pricey (though you can usually find canvas on sale) try using thrifted art and using the existing print to provide the interior color of each letter, painting a solid color around the exterior of the letter.

3. DIY Felted Toy iPhone: What child can resist colorful little buttons, or in this case, application icons? It’s simple to make and if you’re not big on needle felting try using the computer and making iron ons instead. You can find paper for around $5 at office supply stores.

4. DIY An Amazing Animal Coat Rack: This rack can be made from old toys and scrap lumber. Paint each one a solid color if you wish or coat them in Plati-Dip for an all one color look.

5. Charming DIY Mini Bunting: Although the bunting in this photo is a nice soft pastel (which is fine by us), it can be made in any shade you wish. Go bright and bold or even all white to make a fun statement across an already brightly painted wall.

Second Row, Left To Right
6. DIY Vintage-Inspired Arrows: A stick and a feather from an afternoon walk, combined with a little paint makes these arrows come to life. It’s a great look at an almost non-existent cost. Make a bow while you’re at it and you have a great gift for a friend (if you can stand to give it away!).

7. DIY Clock Pillows: These pillows can be made from fabric scraps you already own, old tshirts or linens or thrift store material. Though no matter what you choose, it’s a great time to get started on one!

8. DIY Rainbow Crayons: We love making crayons no matter what shape they’re in, but these big chunky ones are perfect for little paws. See how to get the look from old broken bits without spending a dime!

9. DIY Project: Faux Japanese Masking Tapes: There’s a good chance you have the supplies for this project and if not all it requires is a quick trip to your local drug store!

10. DIY Fabric Mirror: This mirror can be made from scraps and in any shape you want. Check IKEA or even the home improvement store nearest you for inexpensive mirror tile squares (usually $1-$2 each), then dress it up as you see fit!