10 Common Mistakes Made In The Bedroom

10 Common Mistakes Made In The Bedroom

Abby Stone
Jan 13, 2009


A great bedroom, like CandiMandi's, requires only a little imagination

While we're not talking about those kind of mistakes (for that, you might want to look to a different kind of site), there are many who say that the mood of a house is set in motion in the bedroom. Certainly, the bedroom can set the tone for person who lives there. If you've been in a bad mood, perhaps your bedroom's guilty of these 10 common mistakes...

  • Clutter: Your bedroom's the last and the first experience of the day. Keeping it clutter-free can go a long way towards a zen mindset. Start by making the bed and the room will feel that much better.
  • Not planning for enough storage: To help you in keeping it clutter free, make sure you have enough places to store the items that need to go in this room. Designate a place for dirty clothes and consider a set of pretty boxes to hide the stuff on your nightstand.
  • Going colour and pattern crazy: Cool colours -- blues, grey -- form the most calming foundation here. Use hot colours for accents.
  • Neglecting the ceiling: Often the first thing you see when you get up in the morning, don't forget about the "fifth wall". White is fine but why not try painting it a shade lighter than your walls?
  • Not fitting the furniture to the room: Consider both the size of your furniture and the amount of furniture. You don't want the room feeling cavernous but you don't want to crowd everything in here either.
  • Forgetting about the sun: Curtains are beautiful but if you find yourself rising with the dawn, you may need blackout shades as well.
  • Not having another place to sit: Even if it's just a stool or a hard chair. So you can put on your shoes or lay out your clothes.
  • Unflattering lighting: Aim for three sources of light. A lamp on either side of the bed plus another on the opposite side of the room gives you options.
  • Uncomfortable sheets: While high thread count is nice, there are great linens at every price point. Try jersey sheets or a one time indulgence in real linen sheets (they last forever and get softer with each washing).
  • Not shutting the door against the world: Even if your bedroom doesn't have a door, consider shutting it figuratively against the intrusions of the day. The bedroom's best left for romance and rest. Try keeping work, and the television, out and let your bedroom be a retreat from the day's cares.

[image: Candi Mandi, from the Unofficial Apartment Therapy Cure Pool]

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