10 Craft Supplies You'll Never Regret Keeping in Stock

10 Craft Supplies You'll Never Regret Keeping in Stock

Adrienne Breaux
Oct 12, 2014
(Image credit: Marianne Brown)

Everyone knows that a key ingredient to having a bit more creativity and craft in your life is having the right materials on hand, so you can be ready to jump into a small project whenever the inspiration strikes. For those who craft often, you may already have a large selection of supplies to pick from. For others, you might sometimes get thwarted from trying something because you don't have anything ready to go. Whatever your craft experience level, you'll never regret keeping a healthy supply of these ten craft materials on hand.

1.) A great pair (or two) of scissors and a utility knife
Those in the know, know that you need at least two pairs of scissors, one for fabric and one for paper. But a good utility knife for cutting out intricate designs is good to have on hand, too.

2.) Straight edge
You can just use a ruler, or you can get something with a bit more length. Whatever the case, don't use your book spines or other potentially damage-able items to cut or draw a straight line.

3) Something to cut on and something to paint on
You can get fancy with self-healing cutting mats, or you can just keep some cardboard around when you need to cut something out. And consider reusing and keeping on hand any (easily fold-able) tarps or plastic painting sheets for when you want to get a little messy but don't have an outdoor area (or the right weather) to get craft crazy.

4) A variety of adhesives
Electrical tape, super glue, painter's tape, packing tape — it doesn't quite matter what kind of glue or tape you have on hand, just choose a variety that you think might work with your future crafting plans and stock up a bit.

5) Good quality paper
Whether you need to write a lovely thank you note or want to hand make invitations for your next get-together, you'll never regret having a small stack of lovely paper options, in different weights and styles. And since it's easy to tuck away in a drawer, it won't take up too much space.

6) Markers/ink/pencil colors/paint/etc.
Again, it doesn't quite matter what your choice of coloring and marking utensils are — just keep a nice rainbow of options on hand so you can quickly sketch out a drawing, draw a pattern on a gift box or any other idea these things could come in handy for. The trick is to know yourself and what you like — if you like immediate gratification and ease, you might prefer a good set of markers. If you like a lot of flexibility for surface marking, you might want a small collection of paints in your favorite hues.

7) Sand paper
This could be disputed as even being a craft item, but we think it deserves to be on the list, because you never know when you might come across a scrap piece of wood destined to be made over into a cute home accessory, or when you want to redo a wooden item in your home but need to take a finish off first! Have a few sheets of different grit sizes on hand for different projects.

8) String, yarn or thread
If you're a sewer you'll probably already have a lot of thread on hand, but if you're not, don't gloss over this vital craft supply that could help string up banners, hang air plants and do all kinds of craft tasks around the house.

9) Paint brushes
There seems to be two different opinions on the matter of paint brushes. Some folks prefer high-quality brushes that you clean after each project, and others realistically know they'll forget to clean them and prefer cheaper brushes that can be tossed after finishing using. Stock up on what you think works best for you.

10) A few cans of spray paint of your favorite home color palette accent colors
You probably have a few ideas of what you favorite colors to add to your home are, so why not keep a few cans of spray paint on hand? This way you can add a bit of color if you feel like a room is needing a bit of je ne sais quoi, or help make a new furniture piece fit in with your home if it's a little out of place. You can add color quickly, in fact, with spray paint, so it's fun to have on hand if you're ever feeling like your home (or you) needs cheering up or you want to DIY something but you don't have a lot of time!

What are your must-have craft supplies that you always keep stocked for future DIY projects? Share yours in the comments below!

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