10 DIY Projects for Every Skill Level

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Not all DIY’ers are created equal. While some are capable of effortlessly programming an Arduino board, while others (like us… “Arduinowho?”) find a no-sew pillow project challenging. How do you rate on the DIY-savvy scale? We’ll help you decide and find a DIY project you can tackle this weekend!

We’ve ranked a few of our favorite DIY projects on a 1-to-10 scale, with a “1” being “I have to hold out my thumbs to decide which hand is left,” and a “10” being “I am a professional programmer, electrician and carpenter with plenty of spare time for projects around the house.”

Let us know in the comments where you fit on the scale and why!

10. Making Your Own Solar Panels For Your Home
Buying expensive materials, calculating watts and soldering mean this project is only for those who know what they’re doing.

9. The DIY Touch Screen Kitchen Computer
The combination of programming a custom user interface and installing a heavy monitor flush with the kitchen wall make this a project for the super-DIY’er.

8. Create a Low Cost Spherical Speaker Array
To turn salad bowls into a spherical speaker, you’ll need some wiring skills and that dang soldering iron again.

7. DIY Your Own Desk Fan In Under 5 Minutes
You’re still getting down and dirty with wires. But because you’re subtracting and not adding, this is faster and less involved than the others.

6. DIY MintyBoost: Make Your Own Battery Powered iPod USB Charger
There’s still a little soldering involved, but because this project comes as a kit with complete materials and instructions, it’s easier to tackle than most.

5. Create a Chic Bud Vase Out of an Old Light Bulb
No tech involved at all, but you’ll need to be careful and steady when you’re creatively “breaking” a light bulb to create your vase.

4. Pink Eraser USB Flash Drive Hiding Data In Plain Sight
The toughest part is getting the USB drive out of whatever plastic case it’s in now in order to get it into a pink eraser.

3. 5 Tips On Making Custom Fabric With Your Home Printer
You’ll need more patience than skill with this project. Plus our tips really make it that much easier.

2. DIY Kitchen Pegboard iPad Holder
If you’ve got a peg-filled pegboard and you’ve got an iPod, you have this project already half-done.

1. DIY Smartphone Speaker
It’s an iPhone in a glass. That’s it.