10 DIY Seed Markers for Your Garden

10 DIY Seed Markers for Your Garden

Julia Brenner
Apr 13, 2012

I come bearing exciting seed markers for Spring '12! That's right, let's make this the year that we do-it-up seed marker style. These 10 tutorials will help you mark your heirloom tomatoes with some personal flair and add a little somethin' somethin' to that carrot patch (ok, that sounds weird). Check it out.

Top Row:
1. Make antique spoon seed markers using vintage silverware, metal stamps, and a rubber mallet. Vintage silverware is recommended for this project, as modern stainless steel doesn't stamp out as well.
2. Use wine bottle corks to make hip and functional plant markers. This is a neat way to reuse leftover corks and comes together with permanent marker and bamboo skewers.
3. These glass gem seed markers use the little glass pebbles sold at craft and dollar stores. Printed labels are then Mod Podged to the back of the pebbles and glued on to a twig for a unique result.
4. Make straightforward seed markers using hardwood sticks (sold at gardening centers) and a permanent marker. You can also use recycled Popsicle sticks or even tongue depressors (if you just happen to have a bunch of tongue depressors lying around, which you probably don't, but you might).
5. Check out these rustic and pretty twig seed markers care of Martha Stewart.

Bottom Row:
6. If you make a lot of frozen juice, these juice can seed markers are attractive and essentially free, since they come together with juice can tops, a wire hanger, and permanent marker.
7. Martha Stewart has a tutorial for a clever weather-proof seed marker using seed packet labels and a mason jar packet protector.
8. I love these colorful recycled spoon garden markers because they're handmade and designed to last for multiple seasons.
9. Make weatherproof rock seed markers using acrylic paints and a clear spray sealant.
10. If you're gardening with little kids this year, how about using some of their plastic fruits and veggies to make toy veggie seed markers, care of Little Green Fingers, a really cool site dedicated to getting children engaged in gardening.

(Images: 1. Shrimp Salad Circus, 2. My Chic Life, 3. Too Much Time, 4. Canadian Gardening, 5. Martha Stewart, 6. In My Own Style, 7. Martha Stewart, 8.Domestic Simplicity, 9. Whimsy Girl, 10. Little Green Fingers)

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