10 Drawer Hacks That Will Change the Way You Organize Your Entire Wardrobe

published Jun 16, 2017
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How often do you put your clothes away post-laundry only to find that, in a few days time, all of your clothes are everywhere? It’s like anything that was neatly stacked is now a little crumpled, your socks can’t seem to stay in one spot and you can’t find your favorite pair of pants. For one thing, you’re not alone, but there’s also good news: rethinking the way you use and organizing your drawers—along with a little help from some clever products and DIYs like these—can make your dresser totally manageable.

Separate Items with PVC Pipe

An easy—and easily removable—hack? Cut PVC pipes to fit inside your drawers, and arrange them however you want to keep different items separated. Here’s an example from Better Homes and Gardens that shows how these dividers can work for scarves; but depending on the size of the PVC pipes you use, you can organize smaller or larger items with ease.

(Image credit: I Heart Organizing)

DIY Customizable Acrylic Dividers

For a sleek—and totally customizable and adjustable—take on drawer dividers, try outfitting your drawers with clear acrylic panels that can be moved to create sections of all different sizes. Get the instructions at I Heart Organizing.

(Image credit: Real Simple)

Upcycle Shoeboxes With Strategic Cuts

If you have shoeboxes lying around, now’s your chance to put them to use—with a few strategic cuts, you can create custom dividers to fit just about any drawer, like in the example above from Real Simple. Bonus: Decorate them with washi tape for some fun pops of color.

(Image credit: I Heart Organizing)

Create Custom Wooden Drawer Dividers

Want your dividers to look like they’re actually built in to your dresser? This tutorial from I Heart Organizing for wooden drawer dividers—that can be painted to match your furniture—is a little more complicated than the others, but still doesn’t require too much effort in the DIY department.

(Image credit: The Homes I Have Made)

…Or Get the Same Effect with Cardboard

For an upcycled, use-up-what’s-lying-around-the-house take on the wooden dividers above, try using strips of cardboard wrapped in contact paper or washi tape with a similar method to create the same type of dividers. Head to The Homes I Have Made for the tutorial.

(Image credit: I Heart Organizing)

Fold Trays for Small Accessories

If you keep jewelry or other extra small accessories in a drawer, you can easily fold up boxes or trays like these using colorful paper. The tutorial from I Heart Organizing is easy to follow (and really, you can make these boxes any size you want depending on the paper you use).

(Image credit: Amazon)

Invest in Adjustable Drawer Dividers

These adjustable drawer dividers are an easy, non-DIY option if you want a quick, versatile fix. You can get them on Amazon for $19.99.

(Image credit: Amazon)

Use a Honeycomb Divider for Smaller Items

A honeycomb shaped divider like this one on Amazon is a great way to organize smaller items like accessories, socks and underwear, and it easily snaps into place.

(Image credit: IKEA)

Cut Drawer Dividers to Size

IKEA’s HOFTA drawer dividers are another smart option because they can be cut to fit just about any dresser, and you can create any combination of sections with them. Add several for smaller sections, or use only a few to create larger ones. You can also find similar, colorful ones on Amazon.

(Image credit: Tesco Living)

Change the Way You Fold

Along with hacking your drawers with products and DIY projects, consider rethinking the way you fold—filing t-shirts (and jeans, and pretty much any other larger item that you’d typically fold) like this example from Tesco Living instead of stacking them on top of each other saves space and makes it easier to see all of your clothes at once.