10 Everyday Items to Keep Your Tech Supplies Organized

10 Everyday Items to Keep Your Tech Supplies Organized

Range Govindan
Jan 25, 2011

Keeping your tech supplies organized can be a daunting process, especially if you've got a lot of tech. The great thing is that you don't need any specialized supplies in order to keep your tech organized; you can just raid your kitchen and household items in order to get the job done. Here are our ideas.

1. Rubber Bands These can be used almost everywhere. You can use them to keep your cables in order, keeping your gadgets with the right chargers, and just tidying up your place. Our favorite use is to manage our power cords with rubber bands.

3. Adhesive Tape A good adhesive tape will come in handy when you're trying to label your stuff. You don't need anything fancy, just some paper scraps with some tape will do fine in most cases.

2. Post-It Notes Combining these notes with some rubber band and adhesive tape, you can easily label almost anything, from cables, to USB ports, to any number of peripherals.

3. Jars Jars are good for organizing batteries, plugs of all kind, chargers, and more. We like to use Mason jars, but any plain old jar will do, especially the ones from jam.

4. Twist Ties Twist ties are also good for cables, but they are less permanent, so they will allow you to take your cables out of them without having to cut them off.

5. Cable Ties The magical tie-wraps have revolutionized how we can organize cables. Cable ties come in all sorts for flavors. Some are even used by law enforcement as temporary cuffs. Needless to say that they will help you keep all of your cables in order. They can also be used to wrap cords to table legs.

6. Markers Markers can be used to add a bit of color to all of the labels you are creating. While you can buy colored paper, it's simpler just to customize each label.

7. Clothespins Once again, clothespins work well with cables, but they will allow you to quickly release the cables, which is necessary sometimes.

8. Paper clips Paper clips can be quickly bent out of shape to hold a variety of tech, from your iPad, iPod, and iPhone, to cables, and tech accessories.

9. Blank CD Spindle Case They can be used as an alternative to store cables, since the spindle case is almost made to hold them.

10. Grease Pencil When you need to mark stuff without leaving any permanent residue behind, grease pencils are the way to go.

(images by Vivian Kim, Sarah Rae, and Flickr member Let Ideas Compete licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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