10 Excellent Sources for Buying Birch Tree Wallpaper

published Jan 10, 2017
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Birch wallpaper just keeps on keeping on, not really ever losing style steam, and for good reason: it works with almost any decor, can range from delicate and natural to bold and minimalist, makes for a great statement wall but can be used on all four walls without being overwhelming, and it’s simply irresistible. Birch trees are beautiful and magical and most of us don’t get to see them too often! Bring the beauty of birch into your home with the wide variety of offerings available from these 10 companies.

(Image credit: Anthropologie)
  • Options: Anthropologie offers Cole & Son’s classic, graphic Woods (above) wallpaper in six colorways, the dreamy brushstrokes of For The Trees in three colors, and two versions of Thatched Roof, which resembles birch bark.
  • Type: Paste the wall
  • Washable?: Yes (gentle sponging)
  • Price: $198 for 33’x20.5″
  • Samples: Not through Anthropologie, but you can get Woods for £1.25 direct from Cole & Sons or free from WallpaperDirect.
(Image credit: Photowall)
  • Options: Photowall carries many customizable options; most are realistic photographs of birches, but there are also the high-contrast Aspen Forest (above), storybook Birch Forest Spring in three colorways, painterly Light Forest, and charming Graphic Birch Forest.
  • Type: Paste the wall
  • Washable?: Yes (premium version)
  • Price: $30 to $33 per m²
  • Samples: No
(Image credit: Walls Need Love)
(Image credit: Spoonflower)
  • Options: Unsurprisingly, Spoonflower has a ton of birch wallpapers, such as Birch Grove (above) in eight colorways, the delightful Birch Bears in three colors, the stripped-down Birch Enlarged in bold black and white, and the pinstriped Norwegian Birch. You could even make your own custom wallpaper using your paintings or photos of birch trees.
  • Type: Removable water-activated and repositionable peel-and-stick
  • Washable?: Yes
  • Price: $60 to $90 for 12’x2′
  • Samples: $5
(Image credit: Wayfair)
  • Options: Wayfair has a few birch-inspired selections, including metallic Paper Birch (above) in six subtle colorways, moody The Birches in four colors, and even a lovely Birch Bark option.
  • Type: Paste the wall
  • Washable?: Yes
  • Price: Starting at $56.99 for 33’x20.5″
  • Samples: Free
(Image credit: ilovewallpaper)
  • Options: ilovewallpaper sells Fine Decor Birch (detailed trees on a plain backdrop, above) in three colorways and Miriva Bird Boxes, featuring butterflies, birds and birdhouses.
  • Type: Paste the paper
  • Washable?: No
  • Price: $17.49 for 33’x1.7′
  • Samples: $1.44 plus shipping
(Image credit: NouWall)
  • Options: This Etsy shop offers White Birch in four colors (with or without gold stars, above), Birch Forest tree decals in custom color combinations, and several other decal options, most involving sweet wildlife.
  • Type: Peel-and-stick and reusable fabric
  • Washable?: Yes
  • Price: $30 to $40 for 4’x23″
  • Samples: No
(Image credit: Wall Pops!)
  • Options: Wall Pops! offers owl-adorned Grey Woods (above), straightforward Birch Tree, and song bird-enhanced The Forest.
  • Type: Removable peel-and-stick
  • Washable?: Unknown
  • Price: $49.99 for 18’x20.5″
  • Samples: $0.99
(Image credit: InAnInstantArt)
  • Options: This Etsy shop’s offerings are supremely kid-friendly—note the adorable Birch Trees and Owls decals, above—but there are also sophisticated wallpapers, such as Woodland Birch Trees in two colorways, that your kids won’t soon outgrow.
  • Type: Peel-and-stick
  • Washable?: Unknown
  • Price: $30 for 4’x2′ decal
  • Samples: No
(Image credit: Graham & Brown)
  • Options: Finally, Graham & Brown only has one birch option (in five colorways) and it’s technically linden, not birch, but the company’s quality is so renowned that it definitely deserved a spot on this list.
  • Type: Paste the wall
  • Washable?: No
  • Price: $85 for 33’x20″
  • Samples: $2 for small, $6 for large