10 Fine Artists We’d Like to DIY

We often look to fine art to find inspiration for our homes. Artists aren’t necessarily governed by the rules of trends or taste that exist in the design world and seeing their work can often spark a totally unique idea for how to approach our décor. Here are 10 fine artists whose work we’d love to attempt to DIY.

1. Sol LeWitt: LeWitt‘s wall painting installation at MASS MoCA provides endless ideas for bright or subtle DIY wall art.

2. Louise Nevelson: Much of the wonderful reclaimed furniture that we see lately, such as the work of Thomas Wold, reminds us of Louise Nevelson’s gorgeous sculptures which inspire us to start our own scrap wood collection.

3. Michael Johansson: Johansson‘s work reminds us of Nevelson’s, but could have an even more practical application at home — organization as art. Brilliant.

4. Allan McCollum: McCollum’s installations of empty frames could be an inexpensive project to replicate at home where the composition of the frames becomes artwork itself.

5. Ed Ruscha: We’ve thinking of stenciling modern type over a thrift store landscape painting, a la artist Ed Ruscha’s large-scale works.

6. Mary Temple: A DIY version of Mary Temple‘s shadow paintings could bring some much-needed sunshine to our walls, especially during the dark days of winter.

7. Alexander Calder: So you might not have the engineering skills to plan and build your own Calder-style mobile, but there are DIY instructions (like these ones) throughout the web.

8. Kirsten Hassenfeld: Hassenfeld’s intricate cut-paper chandeliers make us long to grab our x-acto knife and have a try and making something even half as beautiful ourselves.

9. Paul Villinski: It would take a long time, but give us some scissors and a butterfly pattern (and hours of our favorite shows on DVD) and maybe we could pull off a homemade version of Paul Villinski’s Beer Can Butterflies.

10: Caitlin Parker: A DIY version of Caitlin Parker’s overgrown dollhouse would be a brilliant way to bring some art and greenery into our home.

Images: 1: Sarah Rainwater, 3: Michael Johansson, 4: Dwell Magazine, 5: Ed Ruscha, 6: Mary Temple, 8: Nash Baker, 9: Joanne Mattera, 10: Caitlin Parker