10 Great Apps For Job Seekers

With the current economic climate, it seems that everyone knows at least one person who is looking for work. We love helpful iPhone apps, whether they are for home design or helping you find the best price while shopping, so with the intent on aiding those looking for work, we have rounded up our 10 best picks for job seekers.

With rates of unemployment continuing to be quite high, applicants need to use every tool at their disposal, including their phones, in order to find and apply for the jobs they want. Our picks include job listing apps, apps that allow you to apply from your phone, and apps that help you to organize your follow ups and interviews. All are, of course, available in the iTunes App Store.

  • CareerBuilder.com ‘s Jobs lets you search through the network of jobs through keywords, salaries, and descriptions available on careerbuilder.com. Another way to search takes advantage of the iPhone’s GPS capability and allows you to search for jobs that are near the area that you are currently in. The best part is it’s free!
  • Indeed.com’s Job Search does exactly what it says, it allows you to search for jobs from company websites and job boards. While it does not possess the advance search capability of CareerBuilder’s app, it does remember your recent searches and the list will show the new jobs added since your last search. This app is also free.
  • LinkUp’s Job Search Engine is another job search app that allows you to search for jobs on company web sites by keyword, location, company, and category. You can save jobs to your Favorites and access them via browser or feedreader. Like CareerBuilder and Indeed’s app you can email job listing to a friend, unlike the other two apps, LinkUp provides the ability to apply to jobs directly from your phone. This one’s free too.
  • Real-Time Jobs by WorkDigital allows users to find an apply for jobs with a single tap. Job seekers can attach an online CV or resume, a social media profile, and/or a video CV to job offers that have been posted to Twitter with a single click. Plus, it’s free.
  • LinkedIn allows users to take their professional network with them wherever they go. Users can have immediate access to their contacts and important updates such as when someone in their network posts a lead for a new open position. Free.
  • JobCompass by Securicy Ventures uses the iPhone’s GPS to find open positions within a given radius of the area you are in. This app in addition to providing job description information, also allows you to apply directly from your phone. Free.
  • Now Hiring by MacEnvy.com searches for jobs in the US and in Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, and India. This app also allows for a variety of search options like location, full time/part time/contract, and date posted. Costs $.99.
  • Job Frenzy by Asim Jalis Finds jobs from Monster, Dice, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, JobFox, HotJobs, HotGigs, ComputerJobs, Startuply, and many other job sites. Powered by indeed.com, it also pulls jobs directly from companies such as Microsoft, Starbucks, Google, and Apple. Like most of the other job search apps, it allows you to save job listings and email them to a friend. $2.99.
  • Good Job by Code Beyond goes above and beyond the typical job search app by allowing users to manage job search activities like tasks, events, follow ups and interviews. This app can also save your login information for some job and company sites. $4.99
  • Resume Pro by Vurgood Applications like it’s name entails is not a job search app but is an app for creating a PDF resume on your phone. This app allows you to preview your resume and email it as a PDF. $2.99.

Have you tried out any of these apps? Any apps that you’ve found helpful as a job seeker that we’ve missed?